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          Capt. Jonathan Hamilton aka Stump


Captains log

March 28th- Gian Di Bella will be our guest Fly tier at the Cracker Tap Room come out and tye some flies and drink some beers! We have a bunch of give aways!

11/15/17- Trout are moving inshore with these fronts now starting to come in. Water temp has dropped. Great time of the year to catch big trout in shallow on flies or jerk baits. On the calm days we have found tailing reds in shallow water! Great challange on fly!!!

5/10/17- The spring is almost over and the tarpon are showing up! Looking forward to this tarpon season in the new Vantage! Trout are starting to make there transitions offshore to the deeper water. THere are a few fish still inhore but look for the 6-8 ft deep grass with scattered rock piles for good action on trout. The bite has been best on mirror lure provokers in the watermelon flake on a DOA 1/16 oz jig head. Red fish have been pretty stubborn but are catchable later in the tide. Live pin fish or shrimp have been good, while gold spoons have been really productive as well. Fly wise look for shrimp pattern flys and EP bait fish flys for reds. 

12/16/16- December is getting close to the end and its still pretty warm! I have done pretty good this week with these low water tides on the full moon around the creek mouths for trout. I have had the best luck throwing glow mirror lure lil johns on 1/16 oz d.o.a red jig heads. These fish have been concentrated to the deeper holes at the mouths of the creeks. Once the tide start coming in the redfish bite has been good. Again I think the bite has been good once the tide has been coming in for about an hour or 2. Shrimp pattern flies, and live shrimp have been producing the best. If you want to book a day give me a call!!

Capt. Stump



July is here and its smoking hot! Literally!!! Trout are still around in shore believe it or not. Redfish are on all the normal spots look to hit them on the incoming tide. Bait fish with cut lady fish, mullet or cut pinfish. We still have some tarpon around as well! Becareful on the water this time of the year with all the scallopers in town. Speaking of scallops they are in good numbers this year. Look outside St Martin Keys all the way to Gomez rocks. 3-5 ft of water. Time your trips to be getting out there 2 hours before low tide and you will have a easier time finding them! Good luck!

Capt. Stump




Fishing this spring has been awesome! Trout have started to make there way out to the 6-8 ft depths. Fishing spoty bottom in 6-8 ft with 1/16 oz DOA jig heads rigged with Mirror Lure Lil Johns in white or borban have been the best. Redfish are starting to school up on the outer islands right now. Cut bait has been the bait of choice as of lately. This time of the year is when we have our migration of tarpon and let me say it has been awesome as of this point! I will be tarpon fishing until they leave (into July) after that I will take a break and spend some time with the family. Scallop season is around the corner! 

Fishing in Homosassa is really going off right now! Trout are moving out to the flats from the back water creeks. Look for big trout right now on rocks. Fish what you would normally fish for redfish for trout right now. These fish are on these rocks in groups of two or three. Distance on your cast are crucial they will spook off the rock if they since your presence. Nose hooked white D.O.A Cal are indeed the bait of choice on these big fish. I have caught some on Mirror Dines as well. Fish Northwest Keys, Long Point, North Channel (the rocks to the West), Hells Keys, and Trout Key bay area.There are some fish now showing up on St. Matin Keys as well. Fly wise fish these rocks with white clousers or gurglers.

Red fish are showing up in decent numbers right now. Look for some fish around Long Point, Fish Creek, and the mouth of the Little River. Shrimp under a cork have been the most productive. I did get this fish to eat a D.O.A Air Head on a recent trip! We had a nice red eat a white clouser the other day. Shrimp pattern sliders are always go to with reds. 

Offshore the Mackerel are in. Get a chum bag and head out to the foul area and you are guaranteed to get your line pulled!  (You might even get a surprise trout or two!)

If you are wanting to get out let me know. I still have a couple days available in April and some in May. Don't forget that our Tarpon will be showing up in May! If you have never got one on fly you need to add it to your bucket list! Hope all is well, tight lines!

November fishing on the Nature Coast has been great so far. The trout have been eating really good during there winter transitions back in to the inland creeks. The trout will stage on kelp grass beds waiting for there next meal. The D.O.A. cork rig, rigged with the 3” white glow shrimp has been the most productive it seems like however, a 5.5” glow white or cooper crush CAL nose hooked on a 3/0 or 4/0 J hook has been producing bigger Trout. The nose hooked jerk baits allow the bait to stay just below the surface and slither through the kelp grass, which these Nature Coast gators just cant seem to resist! As far as fly’s go, they will go nuts on gurgler’s (anything top water) while working kelp grass beds! We caught some nice trout the other day on a shrimp pattern slider as well. 

Red fish have been thick as well, however this time of the year gets a little tricky due to our low tides mixed with east winds. These fish will get out on the bars (rocks) in the middle of the days to warm up a bit. You have to be very quiet while polling, or stake out and wait for these fish. Again the D.O.A 3” glow/gold belly or near clear shrimp rigged with the belly weight or the 4” CAL jerk bait rigged under a 1/8 oz Chartreuse D.O.A jig head will be super productive. Shrimp or cut bait have been productive and will continue to be productive. My fly of choice right now would be a black clouser. The key when approaching these fish on fly is really slowing down and being patient. Winter is upon us and I look forward to some of the best sight fishing (spin or fly) the Nature Coast has to offer!   

Capt. Jonathan Hamilton


This is my favorite time of the year and if the fishing in May is half as good as it was in April - we have a lot of fish to catch.  Reelers should be ready to catch some oversized Trout. We have been catching 4lb fish on a regular basis with the incoming tide in 18-24” of water! This is also one of my favorite styles of Trout fishing.  We linger just outside of the bay for the tide to turn - and when it does and there is enough water to enter with out dragging bottom - just ride the tide in.   You may have to push a pole to move around or start up the  trolling motor as your ride the tide in.  Then cast D.O.A 4 and 5” jerk bait on either a real light jig head or just a J hook. (Topwater has been working good as well)  Be patient -you are not going to catch a lot fish but the ones you do will be very rewarding! As far as Reds go....They are  giving us a fit this year. The Reds are spread out and a few are hanging at the points.  I just received the D.O.A. AirHead this week and I am looking forward to trying these out on Reds.  I will keep you updated.


So I was supposed to be on the water today. I had the boat hooked up, rods packed shore lunch box loaded when I was waiting on a friend to get to the house the wind started howling. So with a turkey hunt coming up next week, with a good friend and fellow member of the Guides Association I decided to go scout for turkeys instead. Today was probably the best day of the week to be on the water despite the wind. We yet have another front approaching which will hopefully not slow down the fishing as much as the last front did. It has been tough fishing the last few days. Saturday and Sunday afternoon the fish actually decided to bite pretty well for some. Water tempature are struggling to get back to the upper 60's! So with that said Trout have been eating big jerk baits late in the day on the outgoing tides. I have not had much luck on Reds here lately but according to a good friend and fellow guide they have been getting them to eat on cut bait during the low tide with lots of patience. I hope the fishing continues to get better which its trying too, we just need a break from these cold fronts. But when it does the fishing will be excellent. Here is a picture that I took on friday while scouting for big trout laid up in the back waters of Homosassa 


I picked up my boat yesterday from Skip at Gulf Coast Marine in Homosassa Yesterday. Added to the Carolina is a brand new Mercury Pro XS 150! This thing is sweet! I wont be able to run it until Monday but man does it look good! I want to again thank Mercury Marine and Skip and Linda.

Insert from my bi-monthly newletter... Do you feel slow and sluggish on a crisp winter morning? Do you slowly get out of bed and wish to just stayed bundled up for the day? Do you also just feel like just laying around and eating some good old southern comfort food? Well thats what them big old Nature Coast Gator Trout do as well. You got it these cold days can be very rewarding when it comes to big winter time Trout. These fish will sometimes go two days without really eating and then all of a sudden go into a frenzy! This time of the year is when you will find these big fish inside the mouths and up in the low tidal creeks lurking in pot holes waiting for there next meal. Try and fish your baits slow this time of the year for big rewards. Big jerk baits do work, but buck tail jigs are also a fun bait to try. Again I am a fan of white baits however when fishing the tidal creeks dark colors work well also. Offshore the sheep head bite has been very productive for some line pulling action. Fish the rock piles with pieces of shrimp rigged on a jig head or a no 1 circle hook with just a heavy enough split shot to keep it on the bottom!

To read more of my newsletter send me a email at jonathan@captainjhamilton.com and ask me to add you to the newletter or go to my contact us page and fill out your info and make sure to put add to newsletter in the comments! This is a free newsletter that I do bi-monthly. There is a fishing report, recipe, how to's, monthly events, and more!


Today I had the privelede to fish with Tom and his brother in law from Minnesota. These guys came down to spend a much needed break from the cold and try there hand at some Nature Coast fishing. With a cold front that had just passed through we had a chilly start of the day. It took the fish a little while to warm up and start feeding. We started at the mouths of the creeks for trout and did not have much luck. We decided to head out to some rock piles for sheephead when we ran across a large school of huge bull reds! We tried to get these guys to eat but was unable too. It was quite exciting seeing these size of fish in such clear shallow water! After trying for these for a while we decided to go back to the trout. Once the tide had changed the bite turned on! We were actually able to sight cast to these large trout! We did pretty good landing a couple nice trout on white jerk baits. Tom decided that he really wanted to try for a Redfish so we left there and tried fishing some points for reds. We fell short of landing any reds... However Tom and his brother in law had a great day on the water before returning to negative degree weather back home!


I got to take my father and my little brother Case fishing today. We had a great day of fishing. We caught some really nice trout in the potholes and cuts around the mouth of St. Martins. We were using MirroDines and 4" DOA white Cals. We even caught a really nice Pompano! What a great way to spend the afternoon!


I know apparently I did not do a good job of keeping up with my reports. However I plan on keeping up with this with your help. I would like to start emailing monthly fishing reports to you. So sign up here and I will add you to the list. I will try to be creative and give some different insight to whats going on around here, maybe even a good recipe too.
Going on to the Fishing report, March has been a month of the east wind! However it has not slowed down the bite! RedFish have been on fire basically on all the outside points from Chazz to north Ozello mostly congregating closer to the rivers. A Joe's Jig rigged with a S.S. Minnow have been deadly, also Mirror Dines and Shrimp have been good. The trout have been killer also. Big trout have been hanging out in cuts
close to all outlets on the outgoing tide. anything white or Mirror Dines will hook you up! For some fun the Mackerel are everywhere right now. Anchor up chump up and hang on for drag screaming fun! Look out for Kings also! Please feel free to contact me for more info or to book a trip!


What a week I teamed up with Capt. Cleat Turner from Bobber Down Charters in Steinhachee for a 3 day Corporate Charter, it was very successful we caught over 140 trout in a 3 day trip. I went home Friday to fish Homosassa on Saturday we limited out before noon in front of the front. Very good week.


Fished Ozello today caught a few Trout and lost a good Red. Pretty rough today wind was blowing pretty hard.


Went out today with Matt from FTF. What a beautiful day, air temp was in the upper 80's we had a little water in the am. By mid morning we had ran out of water. On the falling tide we tore up some nice Trout. Once the tide turned around we caught a nice Red Fish on a Sebileplug. I lost a really nice Snook in the same location during the flood tide. What a great day on the water!